Filming day of the show

''Vies de chiens''

Season 2

On Mathieu Lavallée field

03 Aug 2020


Now on ICI Tout TV


5 th issue

''Les chiens leveurs''

All our dogs are selected for their excellent hunting qualities, they all come from very long lines of hunters and champions in field trials competitions

All our dogs are carfully selected, for hunting, family and various activities, perfect for work and your children

Here you can watch different small hunting training videos with our dogs

Molly 7 month old female learning to field quest

10 month old male learning to hunt game

Maya begins learning the quest at the age of 3 months

Young 6-month-old male learning to retrieving to water through duck callers

Young 6 month old female learning the retrieving to water through duck callers

Pack of young dogs aged 3 to 10 months swimming after training

Pack of dogs aged from 4 months to 2 1/2 years old on a break from filming the program VIES de CHIENS during lunch hour